Q: Can I enroll my old dog to a training class?

A: Yes, of course. Although they suggest that dogs must start the training as early as possible. But, trainers accept dogs of all ages and they are willing to help the owners raise a good pet.

Q: Should I hire a professional trainer or can I just train my dog at home?

A: Any. If you can afford a professional trainer and you are comfortable with it then you should get one. If you think you can do it on your own and you can be patient on training your pet then you do not need to hire anybody.

Q: Are Anti-bark collars effective

A: It works on some dogs and also depends on the case or cause of the excessive barking. If the barking is caused by depression and anxiety, it will not work because what the dog needs is a professional help like a veterinarian or medication.

Q: Is physical punishment to bad mannered dogs prohibited?

A: Yes, because that will not help at all. Negative punishments will just make the situation worse. It can cause aggression and disobedient. It could also cause trauma instead of positive results.

Q: Can anybody become a professional trainer?

A: In order to become a professional trainer, you must have years of experience in handling different breeds and ages of dogs. You must have attended trainings and earned certificates as well. Some veterinarians practice this profession because they know more about animals compared to non-veterinarian trainers.

Q: How long should my dog undergo training classes?

A: it depends on the progress. If your dog can learn and adapt easily then you can finish the training sessions fast. But if your dog is not cooperating, then you must take more sessions until your dog learns and improves.