About 2Dogs

2 Dog Training is a blog about proper training and handling of all kinds of canine. This serves as a guideline to dog lovers and owners or even the curious people out there who are interested to have pet dogs in the future.

Nowadays, many dog owners are not aware of their responsibilities and obligations to their pets. They think that dogs are just for home protection and entertainment. That is absolutely wrong. When you have pets, they are like your own children. You must take care of them and give them everything they need especially when it comes to their physical and mental development.

Trainings are given to dogs not just to make them become obedient and calm. It is given for the welfare of dogs too and not only for the benefit of the owners. During professional trainings, dogs are trained to learn life skills as well. They are taught to be sociable and not agitated about people and things.

During professional trainings, owners are also educated on how to properly handle the pets at home. They are reminded of their responsibilities and given tips on how to deal with their pet dogs in order to fully understand them.

Our main goal is to share awareness regarding positive training. As trainers and dog owners, we condemn negative punishment. We want people to accept this method of training wherein dogs become happier as they learn new skills and good manners.

Join our team as we blog about positive training and behavior treatment. We usually post articles about studies and new methods that can help other owners and enthusiasts. Articles that give knowledge on how to take care and love their fury pets because we believe that “A dog is man’s best friend”.