Types of anti-bark collars

Anti-bark collars are quite in demand in many countries. Some say it is highly efficient and they are satisfied with the outcome. You may check out the different types of anti-bark collars that you want for your beloved pet:

  • Vibration Collar – this type is proven to be safe although more recommended with not so hairy canines so they will feel it more on their skins. This collar vibrates every time the dog barks. It makes the dog uncomfortable so they choose to keep quiet.
  • Ultrasonic Collar – Dogs have sensitive ears and they can hear even a very soft sound produced what more if it is high-pitched? These collars make irritating high-pitched sound as they bark. But, some people say after some time their dogs overcome the sound and get used to it so it does not work for a long time. Well, it is not advisable to be worn all the time, only when the dog is uncontrollable.
  • Citronella Collar– when the dog barks, this collar sprays a mist of citronella causing distraction and a little discomfort. This kind is the most expensive and not so practical because you have to replace it when empty but among the collars this is the most animal-friendly.
  • Shock Collar – although this one is not available in many countries, you can still find this type in some stores. This type of anti-bark collar uses electric shock which makes the dog stop barking. Some vets and professional trainer condemn this kind because it serves a physical or negative punishment to pets and can cause negative effect to its behavior. Although, some users say it is just a mild shock and not harmful but still, pro-positive training do not believe it is effective and they do not support this product.