How to train your dog to stop excessive barking

Are you worried about your dog’s excessive barking? Are your neighbors complaining about being disturbed by your pet’s noise? Well, it is time to do something about your dog’s uncontrollable behavior and loud barking by following these steps:

  1. Do not practice physical punishment – dogs are not learning to obey every time you hurt them. In fact, they become more aggressive when being punished. Positive training is recommended to make the dogs obey and at the same time they are being trained for mental and physical enrichment.


  1. Remove the stimuli – It could be your pet cat, your neighbor’s dog or anything that makes your canine wild and uncomfortable. Put away anything that triggers your dog’s excessive barking. If it is impossible to remove the stimuli, move your pet to an area where your dog cannot see or hear what makes him or her irritated.


  1. Teach your dog specific commands – Simple words such as “behave” or “quiet” should be learned. You must train your pet with commands regularly and consistently. If your dog obeys you, give him a reward or positive reinforcement such as treats or his food so he will not repeat the bad behavior which is barking.


  1. Ignore your dog’s barking – some dogs are just trying to get their owner’s attention by doing uncontrollable barking which is quite annoying and distracting. Ignore your dog when you know that he just want to be obeyed and notice instead of obeying your orders.


  1. Spend time with your dog – sometimes, dogs are just bored or lonely when they make non-stop noise. Walk your dogs to the park as much as you can since this is also necessary to improve their health. They may have too much energy and need to release it just to be tired.


  1. Use anti-barking collars – there few kinds of collars to choose from and you can purchase these from supermarkets or pet shops. Many people say it is effective although not all veterinarians recommend it.