Effective Dog Training

Giving your dog a proper training is a must. Once you have decided to get a pet dog, it is already your obligation and responsibility to take care and think about its welfare. Professional trainers accept and welcome all kinds of breeds, sizes and age. For them, even old dogs can still learn good behavior and become obedient if only they are given the right kind of training.

Trainers do not encourage owners to yell at their dogs nor give physical punishment as it may result to a negative behavior. They believe that positive reinforcement should be given whether you want them to learn new tricks or correct their behavior.

Dogs must be trained to obey commands, control their temper, learn new tricks and life skills, become sociable, act normally, become healthier and know their roles. It is not just about the “sit” and “quiet” type of training because it requires a lot of activities that will make their minds active and sharp and their physical bodies stronger.

Here are some important tips that could help you raise your dog well without a professional trainer:

  • Be consistent with your commands and reaction
  • Dogs pay attention to your voice and movements so you must know how modulate your sound when needed and be firm when you are not happy.
  • Understand your dog’s mood and behavior
  • Do not forget to give rewards such as treats or even a rub of compliment every time your fury buddy shows a good behavior or learned a new skill.
  • Make training fun by playing with your dog as well
  • Avoid physical punishments
  • Be patient as you teach your pet. Do not expect a lot and do not be in a hurry to see development when you are teaching them new commands and skills.
  • Train your dog regularly.